Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As Promised

Here's some pics to get you all interested again. As you can see everything is lining up very nicely. A little gap has opened up between 23 and 24 but I'm not too worried about it. Oh and I've been growing my hair out. Whatcha think?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catching Up

You'd given up hadn't you? Two months or so of checking in just to see what's going on and you must've thought I'd either given up on the whole thing or have been hiding in a cave somewhere. Well the latter wouldn't be too far off the mark. It's been mindblowingly busy at work this summer (as is our busy season) but it's all starting to come to fruition and I'm slowly becoming human again.

Anyway! I'm still here! I'm still interesting! Come back and things will get exciting soon I promise!

Since I'd last posted I've had two ortho appointments dedicated to that stubborn #31. As I've mentioned before, #30 has been missing since I was 16 or so. Which means #31 has had over ten years to lean forward as much as it likes. It was probably close to a 50 degree angle before we started straightening it out. Well they bent my archwire around a bit to get it tilted back and put a spring in between 29 and 31 to push it back. It's starting to move but I feel like this will be a long process. Dr.Styrt offhandedly hinted at maybe August for the second surgery (come and gone) so again I'm not holding my breath. Just patiently waiting.

I also had a cleaning last week and congrats to receptionist Linda who got her braces off since I last saw her. You look amazing!

So there it is. Not much has happened but I do apologize to everyone for disappearing for so long. It happens from time to time. I'll make it up with some updated pictures this week.