Thursday, December 13, 2007

Nothing of Importance

I'm still here. Nothing exciting happening though. It's been about 3 weeks I guess since I stopped expanding. There might be a small difference but I'll have to take a picture tonight to be sure.

Last Friday I hit a wall of sorts. It was the cheeseburger wall. As helpful as the soup was it just wasn't cutting it any longer. I had to bite into a burger. I might be addicted, Jughead style. At any rate I discovered come pain or discomfort I can eat a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger. And if I can eat one, I can eat three. Granted, this is the bottom of the Burger Bell Jar but I'll take what I can get. Come new years you'd better believe I'm gonna lay into a fat sirloin burger smothered in provolone and mushrooms from one of my favorite hole-in-the-wall establishments.

I'm not sure that I've deliberately broken any of my surgeons rules. He was very vague about the chewing/no chewing. I think he said I wouldn't "be able" to chew anything until the new year. There was no mention of soft foods easing back in at any point. I'm not sure I care. He's a great doctor and I trust him, I'm just really stubborn. Wait till I ask him when I can start playing hockey again ;)

I'm going back to the east coast tomorrow for the holidays. I'll try to post a picture before I leave. I wonder if I could pry my old ortho records out of my former OD. That'd be fun for everyone.