Sunday, May 23, 2010


As per Anon's request, a quick note on numbness. I don't think numbness is really the right word to use. In the "half-of-my-face-is-numb-from-Novocaine-at-the-dentist" type of numbness there's absolutely none. If I poke any part of my face with a pushpin I know it's there. Now there is a type of "internal-tingling-like-a-sleeping-limb-waking-up-but-without-the-pain-part" feeling when I press my lower lip, chin, and a little bit of my right cheek, but it's not painful or even annoying. In fact, sometimes I find myself playing with the tingling if I'm thinking something through. Oh, and my upper gums used to be absolutely dead to the touch which was awesome. No seriously, it was. You know how easy sitting through a teeth cleaning is when you can't feel them prodding around? It rocks. For better or worse though, the feeling has been coming back.

p.s.- Can anyone think of a reason why we even have pain receptors in our gums? So we don't FLOSS too hard? I'm willing to bet that's never happened in the history of humans or floss.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank You

To my dentist, Dr. Anton Misleh, for putting a bug in my ear to think about getting braces again. And to his amazing crew, Linda, Amanda, Miko, Denise, and everyone else who will keep my smile beautiful from here on out.

To my orthodontist, Dr. Paul Styrt, for being a perfectionist with my smile. And his wonderfully pleasant staff including Vicki, Kira, and Wonderful Jessica who has moved on but was integral in making this all happen.

To my ENT, Dr. Michael Keefe, for making it so solidly clear how my malformation was the cause of so many little daily problems.

To my surgeon, The Chainsaw, Dr. Adel Tawfilis, for being so talented, and for being tough on me in physical therapy. Kim, Victoria, Medea, and the male technician whose name I never seemed to catch are the epitome of professionalism.

To the nursing staff at Sharp Memorial Hospital, for being patient with me because I couldn't easily express myself with a broken face.

To 24 Hour Fitness, for making pre-surgery training possible.

To the makers of CytoGainer, Jell-O, Vons Signature Soups, Lortab and Hydrocodone, for making post-surgery recovery as tolerable as can be expected.

To my grandmother Beverly, for giving me a comfortable sanctuary (twice) to get through my recoveries.

To my mom, Toni, for her constant words of encouragement. And for not forcing me to have these procedures when I was a teenager.

And to my amazing girlfriend Kelly, for her care and strength when I was in pain.

To all of you who have helped make this happen, big or small, directly or indirectly. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.