Sunday, May 23, 2010


As per Anon's request, a quick note on numbness. I don't think numbness is really the right word to use. In the "half-of-my-face-is-numb-from-Novocaine-at-the-dentist" type of numbness there's absolutely none. If I poke any part of my face with a pushpin I know it's there. Now there is a type of "internal-tingling-like-a-sleeping-limb-waking-up-but-without-the-pain-part" feeling when I press my lower lip, chin, and a little bit of my right cheek, but it's not painful or even annoying. In fact, sometimes I find myself playing with the tingling if I'm thinking something through. Oh, and my upper gums used to be absolutely dead to the touch which was awesome. No seriously, it was. You know how easy sitting through a teeth cleaning is when you can't feel them prodding around? It rocks. For better or worse though, the feeling has been coming back.

p.s.- Can anyone think of a reason why we even have pain receptors in our gums? So we don't FLOSS too hard? I'm willing to bet that's never happened in the history of humans or floss.


Matt said...

Hey Chris,

I was wondering if you've experienced "criss-crossed" nerves. There is a spot on my upper lip which when I touch it, it feels like I'm touching right underneath my nose instead. It's weird but not really bothersome. Like you, I touch it when I'm contemplating something. They said it is probably due to the fact that the farther you get from the origin of a nerve, the middle part rather than the outside of the nerve is carrying the signal. The outside of the nerve is healed but the middle is still healing so the sensation registers with the outer part of the nerve making it feel like you are touching higher up towards the origin of the nerve. They said it may or may not go away. It depends on if the nerve is damaged or just still healing.

chris k said...

Hmm, not really. Sounds trippy though.

Foxface said...

Yaaay for mild lower lip / chin numbness! *fingers chin wearily* You're probably right, a couple of pain receptors in the gums would be a small price to pay for a good bite. But humans are SUPPOSED to feel pain everywhere. It's how you know you're still alive...

-Tony- said...

Hey Chris...(long time no check in with ya)
Glad things went well with everything! You look great!

It's been a couple years for me and I have to say the weird numbness areas are getting smaller. Most my lower lip, the front part of my chin and right cheek. As for my gums well, I agree that having a cleaning this way is good but I like feeling where they are. I still can't tell.

You have a terrific smile!

Take care and thanks for sharing your tough journey!