Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Week Countdown

Not much time left now. I went in to discuss a small gap with Dr.Styrt yesterday so he loaded me up with TWO overlapping powerchains to take care of business. He thinks it'll be sorted by next week but I didn't mind mentioning that if it's not ready I'm ok with waiting another week or another month. I'm not keen on letting it slide and having the dentist "fix" it with veneers or something like that.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Planning the After Party

Forget the taffy. Never really liked popcorn. Don't miss chewing gum too much. This is what I'm drooling over .

Three Words


In four weeks from now! Under the morning fog of La Jolla on February 3rd I will be getting the crowbar treatment to remove these shiny dental decorations! I believe the plan is then to fit me for a removable (Essix?) retainer so that my dentist can install (or "Load-In" as we say in the theatre) the abutment for my implant a week or so later. Then however long it takes to get my teeth whitened and the crown made to match and I'll have permanent retainers put in afterwards.