Monday, August 27, 2007


Yay Veronica! October 20th it is. At 7:20am I'll be out like a light and The Chainsaw will be doing his thing. Two months away seems like awhile but considering work and my family's availability to take care of my sorry ass I'll just have to suck it up and be patient. I'm thinking I will take out my spacers and just have them put back in since it is going to be so far out. I guess I'd rather get re-used to them than go that long without flossing and little chicken and beef chunks rotting away in my gums. I'll be getting my four wisdom teeth out at the same time so I should be plenty swollen, plenty sore, and plenty drugged. Could be worse, I could be on fire.

Here's a question for those of you hip on the lingo, Veronica said I was up for a BSSRO (bilateral sagittal split ramus osteotomy.) Now from a little googling it seems that this is basically the same thing as a BSSO (ramus just means 'bone' apparently) but all the cases I can find have been mandibular. I'm more of the maxillary flavor as I understand it. Am I missing something?

I'm almost part of the club guys!

Tick Tick Tick

Still no word from Veronica. I wouldn't be this impatient if I had a date. But waiting for things to happen kills me.

In other arenas, I chewed through a spacer again this Friday past. As I replaced it with my little floss trick I may have overdone it a tad. Yeah, that sucker got jammed waaaay up there. So I went the weekend with more than normal soreness (shrug) and squoze myself in to see a technician (Carrie Ann) today at lunch. Here's where it gets interesting. The particular space that this spacer was occupying was between my two crowns. This little bastard was wedged so far into my gums I could feel it getting hung up on the root side of the crowns. Carrie had to slide it around to the side to get it out. Talk about a weird feeling.

Now I'm ok though. Well, except for the waiting part.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Of Course Not, Duh

So we're going with option #2 of the previous post. As I had suspected, this weekend was out of the question. To my defense, they didn't give me any restrictions when they asked for some good surgery dates the first time. I figured it was worth a shot. Anyway the soonest opening they could get is on the 18th. This is right before my show goes into technical rehearsal so I can't do that. I might as well wait two weeks after that when the show opens. So I'm hoping for October 2nd. Veronica was supposed to call me back with a confirmation today but apparently the hospital hasn't gotten back to her yet. So I guess I'll go home for the weekend and hope something comes up on Monday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Insurance authorized my SARPE this morning and faxed it to Dr.Tawfilis' office. They said I have until November 18th to have the procedure. I've learned not to expect things TOO quickly but I'm hoping for something a tad sooner than that. We shall see. Because I have a show coming up I see three options. 1- I get in pronto, like, this week or early next before work gets stupid. 2-I wait until the first week of October (eeek, that sounds so far away) 3- I just go in as soon as they can fit me in and let work figure itself out. I know this sounds like the most reasonable option to most of you out there, but unfortunately theatre isn't the most reasonable profession.

Friday, August 17, 2007

If You Want Something Done Right

Hey everyone. I'm home safe and well. And while I am happy to be back home I'd be lying if said I wouldn't rather still be in South America. It was pretty amazing. For anyone who enjoys skiing/boarding, eating great food, drinking better wine, and meeting essentially wonderful people I highly recommend the skinny country to the south.

Now on to more pertinent subjects. I did manage to chew through two spacers while I was out. Both from the same place. The distal on the left side tends to stick down lower than the rest so I kinda knarl it up when I chew things. Eventually it just gets worn down and breaks. Who knew.

I was hoping to come back to a voicemail from The Chainsaw telling me my surgery date. I was welcomed by no such message. (Strangely, I had zero voicemails and zero texts. Odd I think) So I checked up on them today and Kim told me they had not yet received approval from insurance. She gave me their number and said I could shake the tree if I wanted. Yes, please. Me likey shakey.

I gave them a ring and lo and behold, they have not received a request for any operation. I call back Kim and let her know and hopefully this will be squared away soon. I'll be checking up on them again tomorrow just in case.

I was starting to feel a little bad about bugging Kim so much about when I'd get a date but now I see that It's not a bad thing to be as proactive as possible if you want things to get done.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Yay it's Thursday! Orthodontically no big deal. Geographically very significant. I'm leaving for two weeks of snowboarding in Chile today and I can only imagine a horrendous accident involving my face being crushed by a boulder that might warrant a post on our collective commonality. In which case I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in the mood to post anything anyway. So I'll see you all when I'm back northside. Erin and Amy it looks like you're both pretty much out of the thick of it and I'm so happy for you both. Can't wait to catch up in a few.