Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Date II

July 11. One month away kids! I had an appt with Dr.Styrt today to check on the little adjustments he made last time and I figured I'd put a call in to Veronica @ The Chainsaw's office to see if she had any headway with the insurance. (Apparently they had not yet received the notifications that I had yet.) They still hadn't gotten them so I faxed over my copies. Sure enough, while I was in the chair having molds taken she called me back to confirm I was slated for the 11th. It couldn't be better timing. My show opens on the 28th. Then my girlfriend Kelly and I are going to Vegas for a few days. Then the 4th of July celebrations. Then a week to prepare myself before getting hacked apart. I've got a pre-op appt with The Chainsaw on the 10th and getting my hooks on with Dr.Styrt on the 9th. I'll see if I can't get in to see Dr.Misleh before that for one last grill detail before being banded shut for awhile.
Dr.Styrt made a remark about "being on the home stretch" today, but I really don't feel like that's the case. After the surgery I've still got at least 6 more months in wires, then all the stuff that goes with the implant, then getting my janky nose fixed up. (Not cosmetic, deviated septum.) So I'll be posting for at least another year or so I imagine. Don't put me in the archive folder yet.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Post Script-

AND!- My braces are all paid off! Whoohooo! That'll be a nice chunk of change every month to get back in my pocket.

Take That, Red Tape!

I scoff in the direction of retarded insurance policies designed to deter us from our medical goals! After a week of calling the ENT's office every day to see if anyone had cancelled so I could get in as early as possible (as opposed to waiting until July 18th, pssht) I came home after a day of late work to find two letters from my medical provider. Now, normally, these envelopes come about a week after I have seen my doctor and they're usually a questionnaire about how the service was and, normally, I throw them away because really who has the time? Well, the first of the two says, "Based upon information provided, Sharp-Rees-Stealy Medical Grp (sic) has approved a referral to the following: The Chainsaw, D.D.S., blah-blah-blah."
Sweet! I don't even have to go to the ENT! It's ridiculous that I'd have to waste his time and mine for him to look at me for the same thing again, seriously.
So I go on to the second envelope expecting it to be an accidental second copy of the first. It says, "This letter confirms that Sharp-Rees Stealy Medical Grp has been notified of a proposed treatment plan for you and has reviewed the plan for medical necessity and health plan coverage. The information obtained concerning the treatment plan indicates a hospital admission has been approved to the following: Leforte without* bone graft."
Yay! I didn't really have any worries about the surgery being covered because the first was handled without me ever seeing a shred of paperwork. My boys and girls in the offices are earning theirs for sure.
* I really do need, and am getting, a bone graft for my missing tooth/implant-to-be during my Leforte procedure, but I always knew it wouldn't be covered. But, by doing it at the same time, things like hospital stay and anesthesia will already be paid for. I did the same thing by having my wisdom teeth extracted during the SARPE. Just being efficient!
So it's great to get these letters. I'll set up an appointment to see The Chainsaw tomorrow morning and see how much steam we can get going here. In a perfect world, the first week of July would be best for surgery, but anytime before September can work.