Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 2 Checkup

Visited with The Chainsaw today (he was in an unusually "playful" mood today which was both comforting and strange at the same time.) He removed the rubberbands (somewhere between 15-20 of them?) and had me brush my teeth with my brand new baby toothbrush with little duckies on it. Though it was a bit uncomfortable being unbanded at first so I had to take my time. My jaw didn't fall open from lack of use like I had imagined. Quite the opposite. Using the muscles again to slowly open my mouth was like trying to benchpress an empty bar when you've never lifted before. It's not that it's too much weight, but the muscles aren't exactly sure what they're supposed to be doing so it's kinda shaky and awkward. But brushing is very nice. I know my breath was startin' to kick like Long Beach at low tide. A smile did creep over my face a couple times thinking about how cool it is that my teeth actually come together now. He put four bands back on the sides but the front is clear for me to stare at how nice my bite finally is. This will be our routine for the next four weeks, then physical therapy.
I've decided to go back to work next Monday. If things were dire I think I could have done at least half days after day 11 or so. But also know that talking isn't a huge part of my job. If it were, well, I would probably wait until week 4 or later. I can talk, it's just not clear, strong, or pretty.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's Going On

Not a lot really. I'm off the pain meds and sleeping through the night now. A stitch came out the other day. My lips are still super tingly getting their feeling back and my right cheek is still pretty numb. Most people wouldn't be able to notice the little swelling that's left. I'm able to speak with minimal clarity but it's better than having to write everything down. I had lost about 10lbs @ 175 but I'm close to breaking 180 already. 185 is a normal weight for me. Two big bowls of soup and two calorie packed shakes a day are doing the trick. I'm coming up on the end of my second week off work and have two more to go but I might get some work to bring home this weekend. I go in for a follow-up on Monday whence I'm supposed to be able to brush my teeth once and have the gazillion rubber bands in mouth reduced to four or six. I'd really like to be able to open my mouth. I'm not sick of the blenderized food yet* but drinking through a syringe is very tedious.

*I discovered that blueberry muffins and two-day old glazed donuts blended in milk make an amazing breakfast treat.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tsteeves Asks,

"Going to have double jaw surgery and genioplasty on August 10th. Not sure what I should be doing to prepare. Also had SARPE and don't recall really preparing for that at all...but am more apprehensive about this. Is there anything you realize now that you would've done differently in preparing?"
Well Tstsy, first of all let me say that it's hard for me to imagine how much harder a double surgery would be than this. In my "research" it seems clear that BSSO-ers have it way worse than Leforte-ees. Here's what I do know, about a month out from my SARPE I got jacked. Hitting the gym, eating well, eating LOTS, it was my mission. I put on almost 20 pounds of muscle, had great energy and a beaming outlook on the surgery to come. Now, having, growing, or defining your muscles (or any part of your body's picture) probably doesn't directly help at all. But what it did was make me feel damn near indestructible mentally. Sure, I took it easy afterwards and wasn't out benchpressing cars in between blended lunches, but I always had a really great feeling about the whole thing. This time I didn't do any of that. I'm not depressed or anything. Things are coming along really well and I still see great progress from day to day. I'm pretty sure I won't need 100% of the time off I've requested from work (shh, don't tell anyone) and I can already see an amazing result waiting for me under some swelling and bad skin. But since you asked, I would have gotten in great shape like last time were I forced to try again.
Now, that's just one of my things. I like going to the gym. I love setting goals for myself and reaching them (or missing them and self-motivating to reach them next time around.) Maybe your thing is a musical instrument, a visual art, a crossword puzzle, spending time with someone special, working on your house, whatever. My point is this:
Make yourself indestructible. might not help at all. I might be full of it. But that's my tuppence for those still listening :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

One Week Passed

I'm feeling conflicted about what to post about the past couple days. I don't know if I want to rehash all the details of Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc., or if I just give an overall summary. Opinions? I'm sure most of you could guess from my lack of enthusiastic posting before this surgery that I didn't come in to it with a head full of steam. Partly because I had a lot of stuff going on just prior, and partly because I didn't feel it would be a huge deal since I had survived the SARPE (and pretty well I think.) In hindsight, I wish I had put my head down and barrelled in like I did before as far as putting on weight and eating well and exercising. Instead I just sort of moseyed in to major skull chopping.
I will say these few things in general:
-the pain is different than the SARPE. That was a burning kind of sensation along the entire upper lip line. This one is very sharp localized pain right underneath my ears. This must be where the bone was removed from the maxilla for the posterior impaction.
-On the one hand, it's nice to be able to keep the roof of my mouth wet and happy, on the other hand, it'd be nice to be able to do the same for my lips.
-It's hard work eating through a syringe. Way easier when you can open your mouth.

Overall, I feel like this one is definitely taking more out of me, but I can't be sure if it's because of the different procedure, or if I just wasn't ready like I should have been.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Breaking Radio Silence

Well I guess it's day 5. I think I hopped online at Day 4 last time. Oh well. I was trying to take a nap but couldn't sleep so I thought I'd just write a quick hello. Things are fine. Nose is clogged. Pain is dwindling. Having weird dreams about eating sticky foods like taffy and not being able to open my mouth. Ha! Didn't see that coming. Anyway, I might feel a little more author-y tomorrow. Thanks to all the well-wishers.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pokey and Preppy

Got my surgical hooks on yesterday. Not as bad as everyone says. I mean, they're actually smaller than the canine hooks most people have on their brackets. I do feel more "dangerous" with them though. Like a gangsta! Or like an alien with big sharp teeth. Like Stitch (of Lilo and...) Anyway, I have a pre-op appointment with Dr.Tawfilis this afternoon, then dinner with my mom (who flew in for the weekend. Thanks Mom!) and family at Buca di Beppo. And tomorrow morning I have to be at the hospital by 5:30 am. Cripes, that's early. But, let's do it. Bring it on. You got nothin on me surgery woes.
I'll be taking pictures throughout again like the SARPE, but I think I'm going to borrow from Wired Lady's style and not post anything until I'm relatively less swollen so that everyone will be able to see the real impact of difference. Well it's a busy day so you probably won't hear from me for a couple days. Take it easy and send good healing vibes.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well here we go. I went in yesterday for a last minute cleaning and check-up. Everything went very well. Miko and I had a wonderful conversation about theatre around town and what's in NYC as well. Dr. Misleh gave me a thumbs up and everyone wished me luck for Saturday.
Only a couple days now and I'll get to sleep in for as long as I want. Who said jaw surgery was all bad?