Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Words

So I go in to Dr.Styrt's this morning for a tune-up. Get seated. They have a peek and a poke. And he says to change my top wire to an 18-25 stainless and then I'll be..."ready for surgery" !! It's really hard for me to gauge how my Leaning Tower of Molar is moving so I thought it'd still be months down the line. Needless to say, I was not expecting to hear those words today, even in a forecasting context. The less awesome news is that I had a busted bracket AND a loose band on my lower chompers so we had to fix those, then go backwards to a nitinol wire on the bottom. So actual "ready-for-surgery-ness" will be bumped back at least 5 weeks. What makes this less not-so-awesome news is that I've already planned a snowboarding trip to Tahoe for December so surgery will have to wait till at least January one way or the other. This also is the best scenario as far as work is concerned so I'm not sweating it. Things are moving. I'm gonna have a great vacation. I'll get to eat real food on Thanksgiving and Christmas. So things are sweet!