Monday, April 14, 2008

Peeps #2

Here's the latest shout out to Trish, Kira, Kelly, Wonderful Jessica and the rest of the lovely ladies over at Dr.Styrt's. (And Dr.Styrt too.) Dental alignment couldn't be practiced by a finer, friendlier, classier group of people. I had an adjustment today and was showered with good news like jelly-beans on Easter morning.
First of all, who can lick the roof their mouth with their tongue? That's right, I can. Kelly ground that buggering RPE out and my tongue feels like it's moved out of a New York apartment and into a French chateau. The roof is really tingly when I touch it and Kelly said to be careful of hot foods because it needs to get roughed up a little bit before it can handle that sort of thing.
Next, I was given new wires. I think they're both 17x25 nitinol wires. For those less geeky as me, they're rectangular. How is this different than square? Well, without going into the physics of how a rectangular cross section is stronger than a square cross section (and way stronger than a round cross section) because of the amount of material that is further from the neutral axis, just know that it is a stronger wire and you'll probably be happy I spared you the details.
And finally, Doc said things will take as long as they take to be ready for surgery (which I agree with) but his guess was somewhere around 4 months from now. 4 months! I've learned not to hold my breath when waiting for the praise of the orthodontic deities, but I'm kinda stoked.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back Home

Well Europe was a blast. We were undefeated in the Netherlands tournament and finished in the middle of the pack in the Czech tourney. All in all a great time and amazing experience. Saw lots of wired adults in Holland. And I stayed with a lady who had a BSSO recently. She was in the "I-don't-want-to-know-any-details-just-do-it" camp so we didn't get into it too much. So, just wanted to stop in. And for Dr.Tawfilis, no unlucky accidents.