Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Week Countdown

Not much time left now. I went in to discuss a small gap with Dr.Styrt yesterday so he loaded me up with TWO overlapping powerchains to take care of business. He thinks it'll be sorted by next week but I didn't mind mentioning that if it's not ready I'm ok with waiting another week or another month. I'm not keen on letting it slide and having the dentist "fix" it with veneers or something like that.


Matt said...

From what my ortho told me and from experience, the tiny little tweaks at the end don't do a whole lot because they don't really have time to "harden" for lack of a better word. I'm sure you've figured out that every time they correct one thing it inadvertently makes something else move, but gaps can certainly be closed. Your teeth will still move a little even with the retainer. So obsessing about it will probably just drive you nuts. As long as all of your roots and bone are still healthy, they'll probably stay in place really well. My periodontist always tells me that your teeth will move away from unhealthy bone to healthier bone, so floss like crazy. Unfortunately for me, I've had braces on my teeth for almost 7 out of the last 13 years so my front teeth roots have been really shortened by the whole process and I needed a bone graft on one tooth that is still very loose, might even need an implant one day. I've learned not to expect perfection, but I sure pray for it. A lot of my issues are due to my very incompetent first ortho, so hopefully yours will be perfect.

Mine come off on the 4th and I am sooo ready for it.

Erica said...

Congrats on being brace-free! I'm envious! I'm a few months away from surgery and reading your blog has been informative and comforting - and also inspired me to start my own. Thanks! and Good luck!

Richard said...

Hi Chris,

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I love your blog! I hope everything goes well for you and your bite.

Since you've already done surgery, I was wondering if you might provide some food suggestions. I've just started a blog, Jaw Nom Nom, where orthognathic surgery patients can go and get good food ideas. If you have some tips, please email me at tkates at gmail dot com!